About Us

SPOTLESS  Cleaning Group is a Leading veteran owned Montgomery County commercial cleaning company. Spotless has high standards providing you with the benefits. Spotless specializes in corporate and professional offices. We understand the wants and needs, and know how to create success in these environments.

Our employees possess experience in commercial cleaning in the corporate world. This provides the professional touch you deserve! We constantly strive to surpass and exceed your expectation in a cleaning company.

Spotless Cleaning Group addresses high priority issues. The main concerns we found during our extensive market analysis and research campaign taught us a  lot. We knew that in order to serve customers better, we had to address these issues, and more.  Businesses felt they were not receiving an acceptable quality of cleaning services. They also felt that the cleaning was not even done. Cleaners looked unprofessional, lacking a uniform or ID badge. They also expressed frustrations with getting a different commercial cleaner every time.

Set your mind at ease! Spotless Cleaning Group only employs employees who have passed a full background check. We put attention to detail in every way.  Our employees wear uniforms for easy identification! Many of our employees are veterans or college professionals cleaning for a second income.

* Licensed, Bonded & Insured. *